There are tons of free YT tutorials and other courses. Why learn at First Game Academy?

First Game Academy suits you the best if :

  • You're an absolute beginner of Unreal Engine, Game Development or software engineering in general and you want to learn it and learn it the correct way from the very beginning, understand it and do it fast.
  • You find youself stuck copying tutorials without truly understanding how to build your own ideas.
  • You've been hopping from one tutorial to another tutorial and never felt you've really learned anything and you can't code anything on your own.
  • You've followed lots of tutorials and you finally can make something work but you have no clue what you do is correct, let alone if you're following best practices.
  • You bought lots of assets from the Unreal Engine marketplace and hoped you could learn from them but found out even if for the same stuff, an inventory system, for example, everyone does it in their own way. And you got lost in their code easily because there were hundreds of variables, Macros and functions, etc. And what's worse, you went crazy because they named their variables like SPD, AXZ, and so on.
  • You wanted to make a game and got rich fast. So you bought lots of assets, code templates, and plugins, etc and tried to marsh them up and released to Steam. Only to find your work lost in a sea of copycat games and realize you're doing just asset flipping and that might put an end to your dream.
  • You often quited half way when following other people's courses.
  • You want to start over learning Unreal Engine and learn it in a progressive and systematic way.
  • You want to learn the correct architecture designs, patterns, and best practices of Unreal Engine and game development in general.
  • You're comming from Unity or Godot.
  • You have tried many different courses and ways of learning but none of them worked for you and you're questioning your own IQ if you're smart enough for this kind of stuff. And you're ready to give up.

As the main instructor of this course website who went through similar situations when I started, I felt your pain and that's the reason why I created the First Game Academy. My project-based courses are result-driven and will guide you through building complete games in your chosen genre – FPS, TPS, Survival, RTS.

Any Prerequisite?

Do I need previous programming experience? -No!

Do I need previous game development experience? -No!

Do I need previous Unreal Engine experience? -No!

Do I need to know complex math? -No!

Do I need to have an IQ > 120? -Absolutely nooooo!

What do I need then?

To follow our courses and to succeed. You'll need

  • A computer with a dedicated GPU which is capable of running Unreal Engine.
  • Internet.
  • Time, passion and persistence

That's all you need.

How to Learn?

Simply choose a learning path and follow it, just like playing a video game – start at Level 0 with the basics, then level up your skills to conquer increasingly complex game development challenges.

What You Will Achieve?

If you follow a complete learning path from start to the end, you will learn all the programming knowledge and game development skills you need to make the game of that genre. Because our course is project-based, at least you'll have a good fundation to build on.

However, keep in mind that the goal of First Game Academy is not to build a complete commercial game for you and you should not just release it as is and hope you'll be finally rich. Well, you'll not! That's your job to build your own game. Our job is to teach you how to fish instead of giving you the fish. If you've done your part well, you will be able to turn any game ideas into something you can implement with what you have learned. Sure you will still need to fill in lots of gaps in your knowledge but you can already code without constantly copying other people's code. Actually, it's nothing wrong with copying other people's code. If you can save lots of time and effort by reusing other people's code, do that! Do not reinvent the wheel unnecessarily. The difference is you now understand what the code does and how to change them to fit your need. Or simply use other people's code as reference and roll out your own.

But wait, there is more than that, most of what you have learnt can be applied to other game genres as well and you can design any games you imagine, the adaptable skills you've learnt you can use beyond your first project.